Multicultural Meetings at UW -Polish Culture-

We would like to invite you to the Online Multicultural Meetings at the University of Warsaw about Polish Culture:

Starring: Poland – Discover Polish culture by watching Netflix, by Natalia, Graduate of Applied Linguistic
Online Meeting: Wednesday, 21st October at 5:00 pm (CET) (The list of participants is already full)

In the footsteps of Polish Jazz, by Julia, Student of the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies
Online Meeting: Thursday, 22nd October at 4:30 pm (CET)

 Polish Language Beginners Kit, by Emilian, African Studies Student
Online Meeting: Friday 23rd October at 4:30 pm (CET) (The list of participants is already full)

Polish Holidays Throughout the Year, by Paula, Polish Studies Student
Online Meeting: Monday, 26st October at 5:30 pm (CET)

Polish Holidays and Celebrations, by Alicja, Student of the Faculty of Law and Administration
Online Meeting: Friday, 30th October at 4:30 pm (CET)

Platform: Google Meet  (we will provide you the link to the meeting after the registration)
All the meetings will be held in English and will last around 1,5-2 hours.

Our Volunteers will take you on a journey across the Polish Culture!

During the first week presentations you will get to know interesting facts about Polish movies, music, and language!

During the second week you will have the opportunity to take a glimpse into diverse and interesting Polish celebrations and customs!

Multicultural Meetings are also a great occasion to meet new people from all over the world, who also study at our University!

You can take part in a few meetings or choose one, which interests you the most.

So if you are inspired by diverse cultures of our University just as we are, and if you want to get to know some more about the culture of Poland, you should definitely join us!

To sign up please send us an email: wolontariat[at]
In the email, let us know in which meeting you would like to participate.

Extended Application Deadline: Sunday (25th October) 10 am (CET). The list of participants is limited so please do not wait until the last moment!

*If you haven’t participated in the events and volunteering at Volunteer Centre of UW before, please fill out the Volunteer Form before sending the email to us:
PL: (jeśli mówisz po polsku bardzo prosimy o wypełnienie formularza w języku polskim)

Also if you want to join our Multicultural Team and would like to present or conduct a workshop about your country/culture/language/etc. you are more than welcome to do so – just send us an email and we will help you in the organisation.

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