The Volunteer Centre of The University of Warsaw

Boredom won’t be your problem anymore!
Spend a minute and check who we are and what we do.

The main goal of the VC UW is to activate the academic community and everyone who wants to develop within themselves a social and civic attitude in a conscious and responsible way. 

Who can become a volunteer in the Volunteer Centre of the University of Warsaw?

  • UW and MUW Students
  • UW PhD Students
  • UW Graduates
  • UW Employees
  • UW Pensioners

Online Volunteer Form
You can join us by filling the V-form!
(UWAGA! Jeśli mówisz po polsku – bardzo prosimy o wypełnienie formularza w polskiej wersji językowej. Ułatwi nam to pracę – dziękujemy!)

Filling in the form does not mean that you must engage in every activity. We want you to do what you find interesting, so we will send you various offers to choose from.

Join the Volunteer Centre of the University of Warsaw and check out diverse possibilities to:

  • Contribute to the life of local communities.
  • Support and help others.
  • Change the reality around you.
  • Discover and develop your own potential.
  • Acquire skills and competences.
  • Meet amazing people from all over the world.
  • Share your knowledge and skills.
  • Keep yourself in a good mood and spread it around you!


In the Volunteer Centre of the University of Warsaw you can find:

  • Event-based Volunteering

Would like to volunteer but you do not have much time? Busy schedule is not a problem! You can participate in various events and conferences as a volunteer.

  • Multicultural Volunteering at UW

This is a project devoted to international community of our University. You can participate in multicultural meetings, language exchange and plenty of workshops.
You can also present your culture to others and meet people from almost all of the continents and cultures.

  • Volunteering in NGOs and institutions around the city

We cooperate with various entities from Warsaw that invite English speaking volunteers to participate in different activities.

  • Community and charity events, skills development workshops and much more!


In our daily work we believe that the word ”volunteer” is a synonym of potential and energy, which can be found in everyone. Volunteering isn’t only giving yourself to those, who are in need – to us and our volunteers, it’s an opportunity to develop skills and have a real influence on changes in our surroundings.


Where to find us:

The Volunteer Centre of the University of Warsaw
address: Dobra 56/66 00-312 Warsaw (University of Warsaw Library Building – BUW)
phone: (+48 22) 55 27 204
e-mail: wolontariat(at)