warSAW: Go and Explore!


WarSAW: Go & Explore is an initiative started by students of the American Studies Center and the Volunteer Centre of the University of Warsaw. This project has been created for those who look for inspiration, would like to get to know Warsaw even better and do not want to read tourist guides.

​ It doesn’t matter if you just came to Warsaw for a student exchange, you are a first year student or you already have been living in Warsaw for a while and still feel like you don’t know the city well enough WarSAW: Go & Explore is here to help you!
​ You know what they say— New Year New Me! So join us and explore Warsaw’s districts from a local perspective. Beginning of the New Year is always a good time for changes, new ideas and new experiences. That’s why we encourage you to go outside and explore all places you didn’t know about that Warsaw has to offer. Walks combined with sightseeing are a perfect solution to clear your head, take a break from your responsibilities or just another idea to spend time with friends and family.

​  WarSAW: Go & Explore is an initiative that you can participate in as well— all you have to do is add your ideas, favorite places and recommendations for future walks under a post about a certain district.
Let’s be honest, this pandemic has given us a hard time and we all have felt that. That’s why we want to motivate you to discover new places, take your close ones and make plans to try out new food as soon as restaurants will open again.

​ So what’s the plan?
Every two days, on the event site a post presenting one of Warsaw’s districts prepared by one of our team members was uploaded. The selection of places is rather subjective and shows how different a perception of a certain space, that not everyone might consider interesting, can be. We hope that because of our project you will discover new murals, buildings, and cafes not mentioned in regular tourist guides and which are an integral part of the city we all live in.

Join the event to stay udpated and explore Warsaw:

WarSAW: Go & Explore

You can also check the map with recommended places:

warSAW: Go and Explore Map

Here you will find direct links to posts about districts:

Saska Kępa

Praga Północ










Please remember to follow current COVID-19 restrictions and take care of your safety! Stay home if you feel sick and postpone the exploration for better times, if necessary. 

The event is organized by students of the American Studies Center in cooperation with the Volunteer Center of the University of Warsaw as part of Practical Project: Multicultural Volunteering at UW, which constitutes a part of the Master’s program funded by the The University’s Integrated Development Programme (ZIP).