Multicultural Meetings about Poland 2023

Join our famous Multicultural Meetings about Poland! Two exciting topics prepared by Students of the University of Warsaw are waiting for you:

Polish Language Survival Kit, by Emilian
25th October at 5:00 pm – Wednesday

The meeting aims to familiarize international students with essential language tools that will get them started in a new language environment. It is meant to ease them into the nooks and crannies of the Polish alphabet as well as the many ways of greeting native speakers and making small talk with them. Spiced up with possible anecdotes and fun facts, not only will it allow for some skills to be gained, but it’ll also brighten up your mood as well!

Polish folklore is surprising. An introduction to the Polish folk customs and traditions, by Aleksandra
26th October at 5:00 pm – Thursday

Would you like to get to know Polish alternative of Halloween? During this meeting you will discover how Poles are foretelling the future, how to avoid bad luck in a Polish way and many more traditional customs and folk traditions. Some of them are fun, some of them mysterious – would you dare to get to know them?

All the meetings will be held in English and will last around 2 hours.

Multicultural Meetings are a great occasion to meet new people from all over the world, who also study at our University!

We can only invite a limited number of participants for each meeting, so please consider your choice wisely.
There will also be some surprises waiting for the participants of the events.

So if you are inspired by the diverse cultures of our University just as we are, and if you want to get to know some more about the culture and language of Poland, you should definitely join us!

To sign up please send us an email: wolontariat[at]
In the email, let us know in which meeting you would like to participate.

Application deadline: Monday, 23th October 2023 11:59PM (the number of participants is limited so please do not wait until the last moment)

*If you did not participate in the events and volunteering at Volunteer Centre of UW before, please fill out the Volunteer Form before sending the email to us:
PL: (jeśli mówisz po polsku bardzo prosimy o wypełnienie formularza w języku polskim)

Also if you want to join our Multicultural Team and would like to present or conduct a workshop about your country/culture/language/etc. you are more than welcome to do so – just send us an email and we will help you in the organisation.

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