Make it visible! Promotion and communication project


So many interesting and valuable events and projects take place every month at our University, and yet the information struggles to reach the students who might be interested. We wanted to change that and we invited students to join us. This is how the online workshops ‘Make it visible! Promotion and communication project’ began. The organizers of the initiative are Welcome Point and The Volunteer Centre of UW.

The team of selected international students participated in the series of online interactive workshops dedicated to promotion and communication, cross-cultural skills and video making. The grand finale of the project was to prepare an official video promoting extracurricular activities among the academic community.

The starting point of the project:

  • VC UW experience from working with students so far
    (also projects based on communication activities)
  • Reflection from workshops with international students on their expectations towards the offer of extracurricular activities at the university (June 2020)
  • Ideas and recommendations collected during the European STEP Training workshops (February 2021)

Project goals:

  • Learning about students’ expectations regarding communication and promotion
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Designing communication according to the recipient’s expectations
  • Preparation of promotional material: an official video promoting extracurricular activities among the academic community
  • Developing skills such as teamwork, project management, communication
  • Creating a situation in which students are also experts
  • Going „outside the classroom” and focus on the practice
  • Close-up on the extracurricular activities aimed at international students
  • Integration of international students

Our plan:

  • Integration
  • A look at extracurricular activities at the University and the ways of their communication
  • Introducing the basics of creating a communication strategy
  • Intercultural differences and communication – introducing the basics
  • Considering what promotional materials should look like 
  • Writing a scenario for video 
  • Shooting the promotion video with students and professional filmmakers

Our tools:

  • Workshops, brainstorming, persona, mind maps, desk research,
    association games, teamwork, forms, icebreakers, interviews
  • Invite social media promotion and script writing experts

Project duration:

  • March-May 2021

The grand finale

After the workshop part of the project, despite the holiday period, some of the participants expressed their willingness to continue participating. They prepared a video script and participated in the film sets in August and September.
In addition, new participants – actresses and actors – have joined the video production. In total, over 30 students took part in the entire project!

We want to thank the UW Promotion Office and the Library of the University of Warsaw for their support.

See the effect of our work:


Workshop team: